g調子-屋簷下的合奏|the key of g

g調子-屋簷下的合奏|the key of g


日期date 時間time 地點location
02/10/2017 星期一 (mon) 14:30 香港兆基創意書院 二樓會議室
hkicc lee shau kee school of creativity 2/f conference rm.photo_2017-08-26_12-44-51
星期日 (sun)
14:30 香港婦女基督徒協會
hong kong women christian council
16/11/2017 星期四 (thu) 19:30 藍屋 blue house

photo_2017-08-26_12-44-51無障礙通道barrier-free access

with our limited resources, we hope to provide support to audience with different abilities. please check for later announcement or contact us before screening.  

(english version)

製作、導演、拍攝:羅伯特.阿諾|剪接:馬爾科姆.潘寧格、羅伯特.阿諾|英語(中英文字幕)|2007|美國|60 分鐘|彩色


近年大型院舍的「集中照護模式」在香港急速發展,院舍服務水平遭 各方批評:不把人當人看待。

但理想的照顧是否應由原則談起?美國三藩市的照顧制度以自立為前 題,讓青年g的家庭在社區、政府資助下,足夠聘請數名照顧者與g 共住,並支付房租。

g的照顧者不囿於g身體機能受限,持續以觸感、聲音和影像與g交 流,亦讓g參與自身的藝術創作。這種強調溝通與精神需要的照顧, 與我們一般理解的大相逕庭。​​又,g的母親本來全職照顧g又全職上班,放手讓g自立、與照顧 者共住後,得以重新建立自己的生活。


producer, director and camera: robert arnold|editing: malcolm pullinger, robert arnold|english with chinese and english subtitles|2007 |u.s.a|60 min|colour

in recent years, large scale institutions with a “centralized care mode” has developed rapidly in hong kong; its poor residential services has been criticized by different parties: they do not treat human beings as human beings.

but to begin with, should we discuss the principle of better care? the care system of san francisco allows g’s (gannet’s) family to hire caregivers to live with gannet and subsidizes their rent – and in doing so, it allows for visions of “person-centered assisted living".

gannet’s caregivers are not held back by gannet’s physiology; instead they converse continuously with gannet by means of touch, sound and image. gannet also starts to influence their own artistic endeavors. this kind of care, which emphasizes communication and emotional needs, differs a lot from our usual understanding of what care should look like. and, gannet’s mother, who originally took care of gannet full time on top of a full-time job, was able to rebuild her living after she let go of gannet, helping him to move out and live with other caregivers.

bringing our attention back to hong kong, can we ask ourselves what is a reasonable care system? indeed, how should we practice care in our own lives?





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